Our services

We specialise in all aspects of Intellectual Property, including patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights, such as:

  • patents and trademarks searching and watching services;
  • filing and prosecution of patents, designs or trademarks applications;
  • handling oppositions, revocations and appeals;
  • advice on infringement and enforcement matters;
  • IP portfolio management, strategy and policy advice;
  • renewals.

1. Patent

- Patent prior-art search (including for invalidation)

A prior-art patentability search can avoid losing your investment. In Japanese practice, it is essential to disclose information on at least one prior-art document in a patent application so that we conduct patent prior-art search at your request.

We also search prior-art documents for invalidation. When you are thinking about invalidation of someone's patent in Japan or somewhere else, we may be able to help you by finding related documents in Japan.

- Patent clearance search

A patent clearance search can minimise the risk of the patent infringement. We recommend the clearance search before beginning the production phase with new investment.

- Watching

After completing the search, some applications may be needed monitor the status. We monitor the status of pending applications, and the granted applications to check for the payment of renewal at your request.

- Filing patent applications

In preparation for patent applications, we carefully identify an invention, and draft specifications. We are happy to have meetings with engineers, in-house patent attorneys, and individual inventors when drafting specifications.

- Prosecutions

Our Firm has substantial experiences in patent prosecuting including interviews with the Examiner in Japan Patent Office. We analyse the objection raised by the Examiner in JPO, and forms Comments, Arguments and Amendments. In prosecutions, we focus on overcoming the objection as well as supporting/protecting all strategic claims which our client can exploit after grant. We value good communication with our clients in strategic prosecutions.

- Foreign applications (from Japan to other countries/to Japan from other countries)

The firm prosecutes all domestic and foreign applications for both Japanese and international clients. Translated documents into Japanese are carefully checked by attorneys before filing. We also handle PCT and Paris-route applications designate outside Japan.

2. Trademark

- Trademark search

The trademark search helps you decide your mark and avoid infringement of existing registered trademark rights. We also provide a trademark selection consulting service.

- Naming consultation

We provide advice on trademark registrability, and selection of goods and services. We also help to determine a trademark (naming) along with the business plan.

- Filing and prosecution

3. Design

- Filing and prosecution

We also provide services regarding filing design applications to Japan Patent Office and prosecution.

4. Post-grant proceedings

- Handling revocations

We deal with revocation proceedings before Japanese Patent Office. Prior to revocation proceedings, it would be effective if the prior-art search for revocation by us is conducted.

- Handling oppositions (including non-use)

In Japanese practice, opposition is only existed in trademark. Opposition can be filed within 2 months from publication date. Non-use opposition can file when the registered trademark hasn't been used at least for 3 years (from registered date).

- Providing professional opinions on claim interpretations and infringement

To interpret claims or analyse infringement, knowledge of Japanese Practice and cases will be required. We conduct claim interpretations and infringement analysis carefully based on the latest practice and cases.

5. Exploitation

- Licensing, Technology transfer, arranging agreements

We can provide professional advice on the licensing agreements and the technology transfer for exploitations of your intellectual properties. Exploitations are one of the important factors for start-up companies or research institutes to grow up their businesses, so that we will support from arranging to signing agreements.

6. Consulting and Advice

- Identifying and brushing-up inventions

We also provide supports to “brushing-up” inventions for protecting widely. Applicants tend to focus on the best structures. We organises inventions, suggesting alternative or variant examples to protect their ideas effectively.

- Intellectual property education programme

We provide advice and contents of IP effective training for employees.

- Monthly consulting

Subject to those clients who wish, we visit them monthly for advising on various intellectual property problems or consulting. We can do above consultation menus in the monthly consultation. By the monthly consultation, we can be used effectively as your in-house IP department.

- Portfolio management and policy advice

We provide a comprehensive patent portfolio review and conduct a management program. We advice IP strategies and monitor the progress of inventions on an ongoing basis. This will bring saving client's budgets by not filing continuously patent applications with no commercial values.

We advise and determine policy to assist patent portfolio management, make agreements with low-risk, and calculate compensation of employee's invention.