Privacy Policy

Yamada International Patent Firm has established and will comply following privacy policy for the treatment of Personal Information acquired by this website.


Yamada International Patent Firm defines "Personal Information" as names, addresses, dates of birth, indications of gender, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other types of information that make it possible to identify a person.

Purpose of using personal information

Yamada International Patent Firm obtains and uses any personal information you have provided directly through this website. The personal information obtained by the firm and in its possession will be used only for the purpose of providing legal services in the field of intellectual property, providing advisory services and seminars in the field, providing information to clients, and for responding to clients' questions and requests.

Yamada International Patent Firm uses personal information solely within the scope of the service requested by the client and manages personal information in compliance with all related Japanese laws.

Management of Personal information

Yamada International Patent Firm will comply with the statutes to safeguard personal information and will manage personal information in an appropriate manner within the necessary scope to achieve the purpose of the specified use and to ensure there is no inappropriate access, loss, destruction, alteration, or disclosure of the personal information.

Provision of Personal information to Third Parties

Yamada International Patent Firm will not provide personal information to any third parties except in the following cases: when the person identified by relevant personal information is notified in advance; when the person provides prior approval; and when required by law.

Modification of this Privacy Policy

Yamada International Patent Firm may modify this Privacy Policy as necessary. Any modification of this Privacy Policy will be posted on this website.


If you have any inquiry regarding this Privacy Policy or any treatment there under, please contact Yamada International Patent Firm at the following: